Top 10 FPS games for android and iOS 2020 ! 

Hello guys today in this post I am going to share 10 FPS GAMES for android and iOS 2020 which are getting played mostly in growing days of mobile gaming. the Top  FPS games for android and iOS! List 
Lock and Load, get the strap, and get ready
to send rounds downrange with these solid
first person shooters! Let's get started 


From the creators of Crysis 3 - which is still
one of the slickest FPS games ever made, Warface a free-to-play, multiplayer shooter.
Choose between 5 different classes to suit
your combat play style. Each class serves a much-needed combat role.Medics are patching up holes in people, Snipers

make holes in people from far away, Engineers prevent holes in people by repairing armor, Rifleman distributes ammo to make holes in people, and SEDs use suppressive fire to set your team up to make holes in people. The controls are slick, and intuitive enough for any casual gamer to pick up and play!


Bright Memory Mobile features a portable hack and slash shooter, that appreciates the delicacy that is manic melee combat with skill-based shooting. This game looks like a PG-13 Pocket version of DOOM, where fast paced combat and flashy abilities will keep your blood pumping.

The only thing- jeepers mister, there’s
a lot of controls on your little screen.
With a controller in hand- the pacing is great, but the touch controls on screen, and very liberal use of aim assist, leave the game feeling clunky and awkward at times.
Trust me, I would know, I’m clunky and awkward all the time.


Prep for the impending Zombie Apocalypse with The Walking Zombie 2. Participate in a satisfying and straight forward Zombie Survival shooter The game opens with an homage to Dawn of the Dead with a pregnant woman becoming a zombie mid-baby delivery.

This game throws you right into it’s cartoon and whimsical story - with simple mechanics. The game does feature multiple real-time-based objectives, which can allow plenty of Reddit browsing between objectives. Travel, kill zombies, complete mission objectives, then head to the pub until this all blows up.


Hot Trigger is a paid game and it is super to play ! They should have called it Super Hot Trigger! That would have been a great name! I wonder why they didn’t call it that?
Anyway- Hot Trigger uses the same fighting
mechanic made popular by SuperHot, where if you’re standing still- time moves slowly.

When you start moving- time starts moving
with you. This is one of the best mobile FPS games out there. The controls are slick, the visuals are absolutely gorgeous, and it makes me feel like I’m in John Wick or The Matrix. Man, Keanu Reeves is just the best. 


If you want a mixture of Dead Space and Mass Effect, and you prefer sequels to originals  Dead Effect 2 is your on the go answer. With a professional voice acting team, realistic physics, and a movie quality sound design,

Dead Effect 2 is a console quality Sci-Fi
shooter / RPG.Train, develop, and upgrade your character their gear, weapons, and body implant to blast nightmarish sci-fi zombies into bloody pulps. The dialog can come off a little cringe worthy but it adds a certain…Resident Evil vibe to the game.


Jumping into the Battle Royale genre with
it’s latest mode, Danger Close is an Ad-free,
looter shooter with tactical gunplay.
This game doesn’t hide that it is in active
development, and instead offers a player influencedgame, where the developers are constantly releasing free new content.

This is a game that respects it’s community- and provides an intense, mobile, satisfying to win experience for it’s players. The controls are easy and intuitive and remind us that less is more when it comes to mobile


If you need your Overwatch fix on the go-
ShadowGun War Games is an outstanding PvP experience on mobile. To say this game is similar to Overwatch is an understatement. The level design, architecture, color schemes all shout Blizzard. The game looks like Overwatch- but doesn't feel like Overwatch.

When you have a 5v5 game, with only 5 characters to choose from- it completely eliminates any creativity in your team comp. Place as Slade, who’s least favorite number is 76 or Jet, who can disappear without a trace…er. The reminders after every battle of In App Purchasable content get’s old quick

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