Hello Friends welcome today in the post I am gonna be showing you guys a new list of games Which is not launched yet but these absolutely launch in 2020 so today I am gonna share 4 games which is gonna be launched soon in 2020 these games can be played online and offline both and can be played on android and iOS both systems so that you can enjoy these on the go so let's start with the list of top 4 upcoming games in 2020 


remastered all right if you've been
playing roblox for a while now you might
know of a game called call of Robloxia 5
it was one of the best games on the
front page back in the day and was set
during World War 2 and was the best
first-person shooter game on roblox
unfortunately though after the maker of
the game stopped updating call of Robloxia and left it to create what is
now known as phantom forces it wasn't
getting the love and care it needed to
survive call of Robloxia died and was
then unplayable but to my friends on May
9th 2020 Call of roblox his creator
posted a new video on his youtube
channel about an update to call of Robloxia saying that they were going to be remaking it now this is a game that everyone should be looking forward to play when it's fully comes out and based

it has top-line player animations
beautiful gun models and custom
humanoids it definitely looks so good
and I can already see it becoming a
front page game once it's fully released
so you better remain updated on its development because this game is gonna
be beautiful I mean just look at it good. 


game have absolutely flooded roblox this year and it's getting to the point where
almost every single new game seems to be
a big deal I mean look at this we've had
piggy bacon sponge puppet gummy Jeff
guest II Kitty and so many more it's insane and so to follow that pattern the developer of spider listen to the communities call for more in my opinion it is one of the best Pig games I've seen since this whole piggy face started and it's all because of how
original the spider gameplay is in spider you are an actual spider but they didn't just make a spider mash and slap
that puppy in the game oh no they actually make your roblox character morph into a spider and it's kind of disturbing to look at like you can have this adorable adopt me play and looking character but then she becomes the spider and see what I mean in
addition to literally being a spider you could also climb up walls leave web traps and literally devour people alive yeah that's 


if you like border roll play games then this will definitely be a game for you dawn of Aurora is a game made by the group fear and takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in this game you can choose several different roles to play as those being a law-abiding citizen a fierce soldier a criminal or even a member of the resistance in the beginning of the game you start in the small town of rust town which is one of the last communities that haven't been run over by mutants from there you start to try to make a living mining ores killing invading mutants or doing in the many different quests that are scattered across the place what's really cool as as you continue to work and earn money you can buy better guns cars and mining tools once you get well suited with a decent gun and Explosives you can then
become a criminal and start robbing the
bank of Aurora to earn even more money this game is still in its alpha phase and so there's still not a whole lot you can do but once it continues development I can see it becoming even more of an awesome game very similar to jailbreak so far it already has 1.5 million visits and 19 thousand likes be sure to check out this game if you haven't already


alrighty if you like mechs and
blowing stuff up then this is definitely
the game for you
megha mech is a game currently in its
early access phase and it is super fun
to play it is a sci-fi game where you
walk around as a giant mech and destroy
other mechs to accomplish given tasks
you were able to customize your mech to
look and function the way you want it to
and it is literally so cool-looking when
I first saw this game I literally was
freaking out because it doesn't even
look like a roblox game definitely give
this game a play if you haven't already
because this game has already gotten 7.5
million visits and 13 thousand likes so if that doesn't tell you anything about
it nothing will

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