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Hello Friends welcome to modgames.in.net today in this post I am going to share 5 OFFLINE GAMES in 2020 now a days people's mostly like to play online games but still there a lot of difficulties in online gaming that is why you are here for offline games there's plenty of reasons you might want to know the best offline games maybe your internet connection isn't stable maybe your commute takes you underground or maybe you just like the feeling of disconnecting for a few moments and slipping into your own private world whatever your reason you've come to the right place thankfully here are the best offline games for android and iOS 2020


cell this is the third person adventure
in the world of the near future the game
has an exciting story with dialogues
where some scientists did experiment on
your main character and now you have to
find out the goals of your pursuers and

understand who your real ally is the whole campaign is filled with intrigue and battle on variety of locations and enemies and bosses also you can perform close combat clashes and intense 'scrimish in the game the simple control and beautiful graphics makes this a worthwhile game

easy food courier simulator

this is a zombie apocalyps open-world game where you have to play a role of courier mint whose main job is deliver food and other supplies from point A to point B so you not only deliver products but also hide from zombies and fight with them the game offer a huge open world city and

attractive modern graphics which seems

really great. 

hot lava floor

this is an arcade game where you have to jump over the different type of stuff without stepping on the floor because there is only hot boiling lava at the floor also you can play this game in first person or in third person game also offers nonlinear levels and character customization which is impressive if I talked about on concept of this game then it is quite similar to a famous game called hot lava which is recently launched on apple arcade overall the graphics of the game is really good and it also supports the Bluetooth controller

Paragon infinity wave 

this is athird-person shooter wave mode prototype game the first thing you'll notice about Paragon infinity wave is its stunning graphics which should come as no surprise considering the game size the gameplay is pretty simple just kill the enemies and then clear the next wave repeatedly until survivor die the biggest cons of this game is developer added no mission and controls are clunky so you must try this game also 

Antarctica 88

this is a horror game where the game takes place at the station Antarctica one where you have to figure out what happened there and solve puzzles explore the area collect and use objects to get out of Antarctica ice alive the game offers exciting storyline with multiple endings with several types of monsters and weapons where you can easily immerse yourself in a while overall the graphics of the game is really good and I think you should definitely try this game at least once

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