How to increase domain da pa || increase domain authority and page authority

How to increase domain da pa|increase domain authority and page authority

Hello Friends welcome to my blog today I am going to tell you guys that how you can increase your (D-A) domain authority and (P-A) page authority as you know its very important to have a good da pa to rank higher on Google and drive more traffic to your site. So in this post I will teach you how to increase da pa in easyest way so let's get started


DA is not a new pharse in seo but if you are new to blogging and starting your blogging journey then you must know these seo factors to grow your blog or site faster

Actually this is a matric which is created by MOZ just because for the purpose of ranking from that time. If a domain has good da pa so it can beat low da pa sites competitors on the same keyword which you will target so you can rank easily if you have good da pa


there are too many sites which is available for checking site da pa but i presnoly use This site it gives you 100% valid & accurate data


To increase your da pa you have to increase the reach of your domain means you have to create quality backlinks and also you will have to work on  off page seo and on page seo and also make sure your site is loading fastly, and if your site has fully user friendly design then your site da pa will increase but one thing i want to repeat again to increase your domain da pa you should mostly work on link building and create highquality backlinks to increase da pa,,,

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