5 Best sports games for android and iOS 2020

5 Best sports games for android and iOS 2020

HELLO Friends welcome to the modgames blog today i will share some exciting sports games with you which is entresting to play i also want to share these loverly, awesome games with you, if you have intrest in sports games then you must try this will 100% entertain you so let's check out the games one by one.



rival stars horse racing it's very
reminiscent of games such as a gallop
racer and champion jockey the concept remains the same you breed train and race Horses.

Rival stars racing game was launched in 29 April 2019 and game has awesome achievements like 1 million + downloads and 4.4⭐ rating it's awesome for the game developers and the game owners the game has some awesome features you can try this game too 

This game is 100% FREE available on playStore / appStore - for both android and iOS you can download for free,


skate city this is a mix of arcade
skateboarding 3d action game and hardcore sports simulators it originally caught our eye thanks to its striking aesthetic and promise of inventive touchscreen controls you'll Be able to play with a fully modeled avatar tricks are all contextual with spins

Game has achieved some awesome records like 100k install i know this is low its just because of its competitors but game is better than the others. The game was launched in 18 August 2016 you must check out the game 

available on Apple arcade so check it
out you can download from playstore for android and for ios it's freely available on appstore too.


rugby league 20 it has so many exciting features that make it in the list of favorite games of many players rugby league highlights few much mentioned bearer mode that conveys some staggering . 

Rugby league developers launched there 3rp game after the rugby league 19 and 18 its time for rugby league 20 
Launched on 29 April 2020 


Fie swordplay is one of these
surprisingly popular sports games this one involves fencing you pick a weapon fine-tune your gear and fight opponents the game features real fencing techniques good looking graphics easy controls online PvP and a story mode.

Fie swordplay downloaded over 5 million plus times on play store with ratings of 4.2⭐

The game features are awesome you can try this for android play store for ios appstore may be paid not free on both platforms


golf King this is a 3D golf game that perfectly combines The realistic elements of this sport withother elements that are more like anarcade game in order to give you a direct and fun experience. 

The game got over 1 million download and 4 plus rating and also the game is on editors choice by playstore

the game features PvP matches simple and easy controls and variety of realistic 3d golf game

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